Smartwatch Wear OS contacts problem solution

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Google collaborates with many brands in the smart watch industry with its Wear OS application. I use Fossil Smartwatch using google wear os software. Like many people, I have experienced synchronization error between the watch book and the phone book. As a result of long efforts, I was able to find a solution to the problem of people who wear the Smartwatch.

Wear os contacts problem solution

When you pair with your smartwatch from the wear os app on your phone, your phone book will be copied to your smartwatch’s contacts. So far, no problem, but even if you delete the contacts on your phone, the same contact will remain on your smartwatch. I also had this problem with the Fossil Smartwatch. So although I reset the smart clock many times, I could not solve the problem. Every time I made a new installation, I came across old contacts in the directory. When I did research on the internet, I saw that many people had the same problem. After long efforts, I was able to solve that the problem was caused by the wear os application.

The Wear Os app saves all your contacts to the app memory in the first installation and restores the contacts from the old setup even if you re-install. Therefore, even if you reset your smartwatch and phone to factory settings, you cannot get rid of old phone records as Wear Os continues to add your old numbers to your watch. However, if you do the operations described below, you can solve the Smartwatch wear os contacts problem.

smartwatch wear os contacts problem

First, press and hold the Wear os app and then click “app information“. On the next screen, click on the “storage” option as seen in the picture above.

Smartwatch wear os kişiler sorunu

Then you will see the window above. Here we click on the “delete data” and “clear cache” buttons. Finally, we reset our clock and perform a reinstallation. Since we are deleting old data on Wear Os app, Wear os will upload the current contacts list on the phone to the watch.

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